I reward children & students with money, trips to fun places like
Orlando Fl and help them save money for their college education -Witty OWl.
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To the United States of America

Witty Owl was created to serve our country as the first national education mascot, spokesperson, role model in the history of the U.S.A.

His task is to:

A) Reward students for accomplishments

B) Create a more educated society.

C) Prevent truancy, dropouts, and illiteracy.

D) Help students save money for their future, such as a college education, or a well deserved vacation.

E) Encourage merchants to reward students by giving away witty owl gift certificates every time families patronizes their stores.

F) Since the 1960's our schools have been declining to such an extent that our children have been damaged in some cases beyond repair, we want to change our direction. If we really want to have educated children and change this country for the best it can be, we need the cooperation of:

1) Parents
2) Teachers
3) Teacher Unions
4) Government

: If we as a Democratic Society continue our apathy and not try to change the system and help our children succeed, we will encounter more violence and crime.

Attention parents your purchases of our merchandise will help us reward thousands of students nationwide. 

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 Visit our store http://www.wittyowl.com/store.php. Any purchase will help support our student's reward program.

Also visit http://www.nationaleducationmascot.com/ to see other ways that you can help.